The Best iPhone Deals for February 2020 (All Models)

Apple's iPhone is one of the best smartphones you can buy right now. And for that reason, it's also one of the most expensive phones in the market.

Getting the latest iPhone model is never a money saving action, but if your old iPhone 5 is begging you to let him retire, then it's a good idea to try to reduce expenses by looking for some deals and promotions that doesn't make your wallet scream.

So in this collection of best iPhone deals you can find the best offers from all over the web for every iPhone model (or at least most of them).

This list include locked and unlocked phones, in-contract or without a contract. It also include some great plans from popular cell phone carriers; These plans include unlimited data plans, free iphone plans (for older device models), and some tips on how to reduce the cost of owning a new iPhone

This list will show you that finding good deals on iPhones is easier than most people think. And that you don't have to wait for the Black Friday or Cyber Monday to save money.

It's also worth noting that this article is not your regular blog post. Every phone is updated automatically twice or thrice per day. So if you don't find the deal that suits your budget, it's a nice idea to bookmark this page for tomorrow and check it out regularly to make some good savings.


The Best Iphones Deals Right Now

Before showing you the best iPhone deals by model, let's discuss some tips that may save you a couple of bucks.

Buying the latest iPhone in cash is not the only option. You can buy it in contract or without a contract, you can buy an unlocked iPhone (sim free) or locked to a carrier, you can pay directly or pay during 24 months.

If you know what you need, you can get your favorite iPhone model without breaking the bank.

So keep reading to know the difference between all these options and plans, and which choice is the best for you.

Which carrier has the best deal on the iPhone in the US?

When it comes to choosing a carrier to buy an iPhone from, you'll be distracted with all these plans and promotions from all these different carriers. And every one of them is trying to convince you to buy an iPhone from them.

When it comes to iPhone plans, the 3 major players in the market are AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. They all have some interesting offers that are worth mentioning.

  • AT&T offers the iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB starting from $36.67 as a monthly price for 30 months. You can also get the iPhone 11 for $23.34 per month and the iPhone XR for $5.00. And if you go with an old device like the iPhone 7 Plus, you can get it for free.
  • Verizon offers the iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB starting from a monthly price of $45.83. Plus, sign up for a Verizon unlimited plan to get a bonus $200 prepaid Mastercard
  • Sprint offers the iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB starting from $45.84 (1 cent more than Verizon). And They also have unlimited data for the 11 device starting from $85/month.

So between the 3 carriers AT&T has the cheapest iPhone plans in the US (until now).

Should you get your iPhone in contract or buy up-front?

It depends on your budget. If you can pay the full price then it's always better to stay outside any payment agreements, also an unlocked iPhone usually worth more than a locked one. 

Otherwise, phone contracts could be a good alternative if you don't have many of them running at the same time.

It's always less painful for your pocket to pay $30 for 24 months than to pay $1000 at once.

So the answer depends on 2 factors:

  • Your budget: Can you pay at once or not?
  • iPhone models: Paying $500 is not like paying $1000, so can you handle it? 
  • There's also a third option where your can lease an iPhone but we don't recommend it.

So are contract iPhone deals worth it? Yes, if you choose the right plan.

Best iPhone models to buy right now?

If you're asking about the best overall: It's definitely the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It's the fastest iPhone, the most powerful, has the best screen, and has one of the best cameras in any smartphone.

But if your question is about the best cheap iPhone, then the answer is different.

First of all, there's nothing as a "Cheap" iPhone (because $750 is not budget at all). But you can get some old models like the iPhone 8 with as low as $450.

Which iPhone is best value for the money?

There's a big difference between "Best budget iPhone" and "Best value iPhone".

Best value iPhone is defined as getting the most number of features for the least amount of money. And when it comes to finding the best iPhone for money, you don't have a lot of choices.

For most people, the best iPhone for the money is one of these 3 models:

  • iPhone XR (starting from $600).
  • iPhone 11 (starting from $700).
  • iPhone 8 Plus (starting from $550).

If you're not looking for the most powerful iPhone ever, these 3 models are the best value for money.

Which iPhone has the best offers and deals?

When it comes to Apple's devices deals and promotions, it's known that the latest models get the least number of deals. So the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro are not your best choice if you want a great deal.

But do you know which model has the biggest number of deals? It's the iPhone X.

During the last year, the iPhone X got the most number of deals and price reduction during the year. While other models like the XR was almost flat.

So if you're keeping an eye on one model, keep it on the X, and you may find some good promotions.

Which iPhone has the best battery life?

When it comes to long battery life, an iPhone is not the best device to buy. Other choices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is a better mobile phone if the battery is your top priority.

However, if you're sticking with an apple phone then here are the top iPhone with the longest battery life:

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: This is Apple's new Pro iPhone, which is the first iPhone ever to have an excellent battery life. It can last between a day-and-a-half and two days with standard usage.
  • iPhone 11: According to Apple this model can last "Up to 1 hour longer than the iPhone XR"
  • iPhone XR: If the 11 and 11 Pro Max are not in your budget, then the XR is a good choice for you. Last year, the iPhone XR was your best bet if you wanted a long lasting iPhone.

when is the best time to buy an iphone?

According to iPhone price drop history graphs the best time to buy an iPhone from the previous models is in mid-September. This time of the year is the date Apple usually release new iPhone models to customers. It's also the date where companies start reducing previous models prices. With the launch of new iPhones price drops for older models - iPhone XR is now $599 and iPhone 8 from $449) while the iPhone XS series is discontinued and replaced with the 11 Pro devices.

Another time where you can find some good price drops is during the Cyber Monday Deals. Because most people will spend all their budget during the Black Friday sale, the competition on these promotions will be a lot less, and you can find a good deal on Walmart or Amazon.

But if you're looking for this year's model, then there's no "best" time to buy it. Because iPhones hold their value over time. So this year's iPhones will only become budget after 5 years.

Fun Tip: Popular YouTubers usually do some big giveaways of new iPhones every year. So you can search for "iPhone 11 giveaway" on YouTube and who knows, maybe you win a free iPhone!

Refurbished and pre-owned iPhones

The term ‘refurbished phone’ generally refers to a pre-owned handset that has been sent back due to a fault and has been repaired for re-sale.

Even if "Refurbished phones" looks less valuable than new devices but sometimes it can be a huge saving for you. If you're buying from an established, reputable, and well-trained source — think Apple, Amazon, and BestBuy — you can assume that a used iPhone is a good iPhone. Be more skeptical of less established or reputable sources.

One in 5 phones sold to Americans in 2018 were used, and it’s a growing share of the market at a time we’re buying far fewer phones. The number of people who believe they can save money buying a pre-owned or refurbished iPhone is growing year-after-year. Because those people knows that all those used phones have been thoroughly checked and tested to ensure they’re in full working order.

And if you find a great deal, you can get a refurbished iPhone as good as a new one. 

Best Iphones deals for February 2020

iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB Deals

iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB Deals

iPhone 11 64GB Deals

iPhone 11 Pro 64GB Deals

iPhone 8 64GB Deals


Apple - iPhone 8 64GB - Gold (Verizon)

4.7-inch Retina HD displayA11 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture12MP camera with optical image stabilization, and Live Photos3D TouchiOS 11 and iCloud7.3mm thin

iPhone 5 Deals


Refurbished Apple iPhone 5 16GB, White - Locked T-Mobile

*This item is REFURBISHED. iPhone 5 is the thinnest and lightest iPhone ever, completely redesigned with a stunning new 4-inch Retina display, faster A6 chip, ultrafast wireless, and even better battery life. *SIM Card Not Included*

iPhone 6s Deals


Apple iPhone 6s - Space Gray 32GB - Locked for T-Mobile (Refurbished)

With just a single press, 3D Touch lets you do more than ever before. Live Photos bring your memories to life in a powerfully vivid way. And that's just the beginning. Take a deeper look at iPhone 6s, and you'll find innovation on every level.

iPhone 11 Verizon Deals

iPhone XS 64GB Deals

iPhone XR 64GB Deals

iPhone 8 Plus 64GB AT&T Deals


iPhone 8 Plus 64GB - Silver (AT&T)

5.5" Retina HD displayA11 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras with OIS, Portrait mode and Portrait Lighting3D TouchiOS 11 and iCloud7.5mm thin


Apple - iPhone 8 Plus 64GB - Space Gray (AT&T)

5.5" Retina HD displayA11 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras with OIS, Portrait mode and Portrait Lighting3D TouchiOS 11 and iCloud7.5mm thin

iPhone 8 Plus 64GB Deals


Apple - iPhone 8 Plus 64GB - Gold (Verizon)

5.5" Retina HD displayA11 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras with OIS, Portrait mode and Portrait Lighting3D TouchiOS 11 and iCloud7.5mm thin

iPhone XS Max 256GB Deals


Apple - iPhone XS Max 256GB - Gold (Verizon)

iOS 124G LTE6.5" Super Retina custom OLED displayA12 Bionic chip with Neural Engine12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras with dual OIS, Smart HDR, bokeh and Depth Control

iPhone XS Max 512GB Deals


Apple - iPhone XS Max 512GB - Silver (Verizon)

iOS 124G LTE6.5" Super Retina custom OLED displayA12 Bionic chip with Neural Engine12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras with dual OIS, Smart HDR, bokeh and Depth Control

iPhone 4s 8GB Deals

iPhone 5s 16GB Deals


Refurbished Apple iPhone 5s 16GB, Space Gray - Unlocked GSM

This iPhone has been certified by our industry-leading mobile diagnostic software to be 100% fully functional. It is in GOOD cosmetic condition showing normal signs of use on the screen along with scratching and/or dings on the sides and back cas…

Apple Watch Series 4 Deals


So those are the best iPhone deals during this month for every model. And as it was mentioned above, these devices are automatically updated every day, so keep an eye on this page for the latest updates. Also don't forget to check all our products.

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